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You can contact me at:

bbfictionpublishing@gmail.com (General and Resources enquiries)
greekmythcomix@gmail.com (Comics and Commissions enquiries)

My Overview CV:

Videos/Teaching Resources 

  • Classics teaching YouTube channel
  • Classroom Teaching Resources, currently used by over 70 teachers and homeschoolers

Books and Publications:


  • CANI Queen’s Uni Belfast talk
  • Exeter Uni – Workshops
  • Classical Association Conferences 2018, 2019 (Workshops, Table)
  • Interviews – WordPress, Panoply, Coffee and Circuses podcast, Myth Dynamite Podcast, Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby podcast (upcoming)

Where you can find my illustrations:

  • Greek Myth Comix site
  • Talk: Caroline Bristow, Breaking Silence Through Classical Myths and Stories
  • Talk: Dr Sophie Hay, Pompeii 
  • The Amarantus Project (BAN), CSCP

Private Commissions:

  • Handout for Onassis Cultural Centre, NY: The Muses
  • Harry Potter mythological links comics – for the Iris Centre Festival, Imagined Worlds
  • Shakespeare comix – a short educational comic book for Portsmouth University Shakespeare Festival
  • Metamorphoses Storyboards – for the CSCP Primary Ancient Greeks website
  • Bellum Sacrum card designs
  • Merch designs for Emma Southon, featuring P. Clodius Pulcher and the chickens.

Kind comments:

These are some of the best resources I have ever seen in my teaching career so far… doing for Class. Civ. what the CLC has done for Latin…

Mark Knowles
Head of Classics, Ashville College

These resources are so good they really should be the standard. I am forever grateful to you for sharing.

Simon Beasley, @economysir

You are doing the work of the gods!

St Gabriel’s Classics, via Twitter

Laura is a genius. Whether you follow this link or any others to her site and stuff, you will experience brilliance and delight. Thank you x

Peel Classics, via Twitter

… Can you be our Classics teacher please?

Abi and Sarah, Myth Dynamite podcast

In detail:

Laura Jenkinson-Brown has been a Teacher of Classical Civilisation and Ancient History for the last decade and a half, after originally training as an English teacher due to her love of sharing literature. She lives with her husband and baby daughter in the literary city of Portsmouth on the Southern UK coast.

Originally from London, her Irish immigrant parents instigated and supported her interest in the Ancient world with frequent visits to the library for more books and the free British Museum for archaeology. State school educated, she was able to study Latin as a twilight subject for GCSE, then chose to commute to a different school in order to study Classical Civilisation and Latin A-Level. Gaining a place to study Classics at Durham, she was rather disenchanted by the teaching there at the time that seemed to be entirely based on the assumption that students had already read every Classical text and which used the same set of slides for every module, and changed to Classics with English Studies instead. Consequently, her Classical and Ancient history knowledge is largely self-taught and she has no Greek. What she lacks in reading she makes up for with passion.

Although proud of having held some kind of job consistently since she was 15 years old, she started her post-University career as a bookseller for Waterstones Gower Street and Blackwell’s Oxford, and also dabbled in web design, fiction and self-publishing. As a Classical Civilisation teacher, she shares Classics teaching resources with teachers and homeschoolers across the UK – access available here. She also devotes her spare time to drawing mythical and educational comics and resources: she is the illustrator behind Greek Myth Comix, which started as simple comic interpretations of Greek myths and literary features from Homeric Epic, using stickmen, to help her students. The site is viewed hundreds of times a day, and her comics and videos are used by schools, universities, and individuals worldwide. Her classroom teaching resources for the OCR Classical Civilisation GCSE are used by upwards of 30 schools and homeschoolers, and are recommended by Classics For All, Advocating Classics Education, and Warwick University.

She also illustrates for the Amarantus project at Cambridge Classics Schools Project, has illustrated card decks and games including Bellum Sacrum with Legonium, and does occasional drawing and Classics-teaching workshops around the country.


For more information on my illustration style you can see the About page on my main website, GreekMythComix.