GCSE Resources updates and Homeschooling hub

HI all!

The resources section, having been accessed 3510 times and the links clicked 2302 times since I posted it, was no longer viable on Dropbox, so has now been moved to Google Drive and an email is once again needed for access.

You can email me for access at bbfictionpublishing@gmail.com , stating ‘Resources access’ in the subject. I’d love to know where you’re teaching, or indeed if you’re homeschooling – as so many homeschoolers have already requested access, I have set up a private hub to give homeschooling support. Please also email me if you would like access to this. More information is here.

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Updated Homeric World – typable PDFs

Hello! If you’re reading this then you’ve asked to be updated when I add files or projects to my portfolio.

I’m currently working through the PDF notesheets/workbooks for the HCSE Classical Civilisation Homeric World Unit and turning them into typable PDFs. This means that anywhere there’d be a place to hand-write in answers or annotations, there is now a typable textbox or drop-down choice. I have several pupils who have difficulty hand-writing and so type in lessons, and this will be great for them in the long term. Right now, they may also be useful for students who are remote learning (in the UK, that’s pretty much all of them at the minute).

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