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In an attempt to stay sane, I’ve been writing and recording a mini-podcast this year, with each episode a rant on a Classics topic lasting ten minutes or less. It’s recorded and edited entirely on my phone during the baby’s naps! Listen below or at these links:

You can find reading lists for every episode on the main Ancient Geek site page here (on Greek Myth Comix) – click here!

Ancient Geek 8 – why you need to read the *actual* Odyssey HERE LET ME HELP YOU Ancient Geek

In this final episode of the first series, I break down the epic poem into its main chunks and tell you about all the bits in the Odyssey you might not know about because despite being awesome they get cut out of pretty much every adaptation. And I almost manage to do it in ten minutes! CORRECTION: 12 ships, not 50 – there’s 50 men on each ship. Gah I hate numbers!
  1. Ancient Geek 8 – why you need to read the *actual* Odyssey HERE LET ME HELP YOU
  2. Ancient Geek 7 – we *need* to talk about Homeric heroism and Achilles’ heel
  3. Ancient Geek 6 (there is no 5) – yes, we *do* need to talk more about ancient slavery
  4. Ancient Geek 4b – no, there was *no lava* (part 2)
  5. Ancient Geek 4a – no, there was *no lava* (Part 1)

got an idea for a topic or rant?

Leave me a message by email, or a voicemail that could be used in a future episode!

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