Homeschooling help

**Please note I am now on Summer break and will respond to requests at the end of August!**

Due to the huge number of GCSE user resource requests I’ve been getting, I am now limiting resource sharing to Homeschoolers only, for whom there is very little existing provision. This will allow me to spend less time on admin and more on making the hub a useful space!

You will need to use the form below to request access to the hub; you will be then be able to access the resources from the menu in the hub when you log in.

If you would like access, please use the form below to request access to resources,

It would help to know a bit of detail about yourself- and your children/pupils and their needs, what topics you are studying, and asking for Hub access in the message section. Although for GCSE I mostly teach Myth and Religion and Homeric World, I can potentially help with other topics.

Alternatively, if you are homeschooling younger pupils, I can advise on materials to use and courses to follow.

The site and my help are currently free, but if you’d like to arrange in-person online teaching or assessment sessions, please email me to discuss (my rate is £30/hr), or, if you feel you’ve gained a lot here, please consider a small tip to help keep it going!

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