GCSE Classical Civilisation Resources

These are some of the best resources I have ever seen in my teaching career so far… doing for Class. Civ. what the CLC has done for Latin…

Mark Knowles
Head of Classics, Ashville College

These resources are so good they really should be the standard. I am forever grateful to you for sharing.

Simon Beasley, @economysir

You are doing the work of the gods!

St Gabriel’s Classics, via Twitter

Laura is a genius. Whether you follow this link or any others to her site and stuff, you will experience brilliance and delight. Thank you x

Peel Classics, via Twitter

… Can you be our Classics teacher please?

Abi and Sarah, Myth Dynamite podcast

classroom resources

I have been teaching the Myth and Religion and Homeric World/Odyssey topics since the inception of the new OCR GCSE Classical Civilisation specification, and writing and re-writing resources to suit the wide range of ability of my students. I wrote about the course for Quinquennium in two posts: The Teacher’s View and How I Taught The Course .

These Google Drive folders, currently shared with 90 teachers/departments and Homeschooling parents also teaching these Units, represent an updated (and updating) set of resources for teaching the entire course, with the occasional help of the Bloomsbury textbook. I am extremely pleased to have also had them shared by Advocating Classics Education (ACE) and included on the Classics For All Resources page for recommended use by new teachers setting up Classics in their schools. They are also listed on the Warwick Classics Network.

What you’ll typically find in each topic folder:

  • PowerPoint lessons going through the topics
  • Topic-specific pupil notesheet packs (workbooks) to accompany PowerPoint lessons (.pub, .pdf for printing .doc or typable .pdf for computer-users/remote teaching)
  • Separate folders containing the Prescribed Sources, with additional PowerPoints on each of the visual sources and footnotes literary sources
  • Topic vocabulary sheets
  • Prep/Homework tasks based on exam-style assessment
  • Exemplar work for prep/homework tasks
  • Additional assessment – original Mock papers
  • Essay help and exemplars
  • You will also find Quizlets for each topic at https://quizlet.com/lejenkinson/folders


DUE TO THE START OF THE NEW SCHOOL TERM I AM EXPERIENCING VERY HIGH DEMAND! I apologise in advance for any delay in replying: I am working Mon/Tues/Fri and doing childcare on my other days, so currently have limited time to reply.

Please use the form below to request access to these files. I will add you to the user list asap upon receipt of the form, and send you an email confirmation. Please note: I am a teacher and will be working around my work commitments.

NB: If you click on the Google Drive folder and then send an automated request email, it will go to spam and be ignored.

If these resources or the Greek Myth Comix resources have helped you, please consider becoming a Patreon.

If you’d like to be notified when these resources are updated or added to, please leave your email below (or hit ‘follow’ if you’re a wordpress user) 🙂 (NB this is not the same as emailing for access)

If you need more, 

  • Greek Myth Comix resources can help, such as Odyssey Book 1 (and other books) ComixOdysseus and Gladiators paper dolls, the Olympians Colouring Book and The Trojan War Playset, all for download and print.
  • The Greek Myth Comix Youtube site has a growing selection of videos for learning and revision, including for the Remote Learning and Teaching situation we now find ourselves in!


– you may use these once you have contacted me for and received access:


Overall link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11m9dMhBgu97jFXQT0yQHqYTOuEUkhvpD?usp=sharing


  • Exam and essay-writing help
  • Essay coversheet examples
  • Essay exemplars

Myth and Religion FOLDER:

Overall Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ct8umYVzEMqnEoe4NBsN758nbtzyQQux?usp=sharing

  • 1 The Gods Greece and Rome
  • 2 Religion and the City: Temples
  • 3 Religion and the City – Festivals
  • 4 Death and Burial

Videos: Greek death and burial https://youtu.be/CbJcERjhfQc

Roman death and burial https://youtu.be/U97xksFp28g

  • 5 Journeying to the Underworld
  • 6 Heracles / Hercules, the Universal Hero

Videos: Heracles 1: https://youtu.be/PnDW-XLUoSo

Heracles 2: https://youtu.be/X2-7CvTPhic

Heracles 3: https://youtu.be/tMxGkSlxI_E

  • 7 Foundation Stories
  • Assessment
  • Prescribed Visual Sources – Greece
  • Prescribed Visual Sources – Rome
  • Prescribed Literary Sources – Greece and Rome


Overall link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n-kM-PutVVjiz5YRJsLgsZVny2ibeHPo?usp=sharing

  • 1 Homeric World introduction
  • ii Homeric World sources
  • iii Homeric World assessment and bumpf (to be added to)
  • 1 Key Sites 
  • 2 Life in Mycenaean Age (Includes remote teaching files with narration)
  • 3 Decorative Arts (Includes remote teaching files with narration)
  • 4  Tombs, Graves and Burial (Includes remote teaching files with narration)


  • 1 Odyssey Intro 
  • 2 Odyssey text annotated  
  • 3 Odyssey prep
  • 4 Odyssey Topic Discussion  
  • 5 Odyssey Lit Essays
  • 6 Odyssey Revision  

Further Odyssey resources:


Video playlists:

Explaining Classical Literature: Odyssey Book 9 parts 1, 2, 3 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN36Hwtm4-c3H7sEtw_vwPh-RzvF0Z12L

Explaining the Greek Myths: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN36Hwtm4-c0u1c-qnFEmUPbUKyisxQwx

More resources to be added as they are made. Sign up below for updates!

If you’d like to be notified when these resources are updated or added to, please leave your email below (or hit ‘follow’ if you’re a wordpress user) 🙂 (NB this is not the same as emailing for access)

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