Print-and-Build Playsets

I’ve been building things out of paper since I was ten, studying the examples of architecture from the Usborne How-To-Draw Buildings book and turning them into 3D structures. Now, I encourage my students to try building accurate Greek temples in order to revise their shapes and forms.

To help with revision, and learning through play, and also just because they are cool, I’m publishing downloadable Print-And-Build Playset kits for Greek Mythology!


Build-Your-Own Trojan War Playset kit

This was the first construction project, which was originally a middle-of-the-night idea as an add-on for my Iliad Playing Cards Kickstarter campaign. It sold a lot of copies, and every year we use it in class as a KS3 end of year project after they’ve studied an abridged version of the Iliad.


55 Figures: Trojans, Greeks, Gods, Women

Available here.

The Labyrinth and Knossos palace throne room playseT

This construction kit was created during lockdown 2020-21, both as something fun for students to do at home and also a project to keep me sane! It’s a more challenging build, due to the scale of the Labyrinth and the archaeological accuracy necessary in the design of the Throne Room – it’s as to-scale as possible, based on plans from the excavation and my own photos from visiting the site.

It’s also now available in COLOUR – the PDF has a colour layer you can turn off if you’d still prefer to build and colour in yourself.


  • The Labyrinth, with moving walls, Theseus myth characters (including the Minotaur and Athenian Youths)
  • The Knossos Palace Throne Room, complete with throne, lustral basin and recreated wall decor (after Arthur Evans)

Both structures fit together to create one playset, and are available as a set together, or as separate projects.

The figures and scale are a little larger than the Trojan War playset, due to how the kit’s pieces make use of A4 paper, especially in keeping to scale for the Throne Room.


Another Lockdown distraction. This chariot is based on Mycenaean fresco illustrations of chariots from Pylos, with Xanthos and Balios, Achilles’ two immortal horses, chestnut and dappled, from the Iliad. Achilles’ charioteer Autmedon, is also included, as is a deceased Hektor figure, should you wish to re-enact the, ahem, anger of Achilles.

Available here as a download-and-print kit.

Ancient greek column 3D model

This little kit makes three polychrome columns – Doric, Ionic and Corinthian – with a base and backdrop, that will sit happily on your desk.

Available to download, print and build.

Coming next: the mycenaean megaron playset

Learning the layout and decor of the Mycenaean megaron in general is a part of the OCR Classical Civilisation GCSE, Homeric World topic.

I plan to make a playset that will allow students to understand how these rooms functioned and were decorated. I also plan to make it compatible with the Trojan War Playset, so that potentially you could play Agamemnon coming home to Mycenae with Cassandra, and getting murdered by Clytaemnestra, which I imagine would be cathartic for many Iliad readers 😉

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